The Hydromet Division at New Delhi was established in 1971 to cater to the need of hydromet inputs particularly of Water Resources Development and Water Related Disaster (like floods and drought) monitoring / management.


It provides services in the following fields:


1. Rainfall Monitoring

2. Hydromet Forecasting (QPF)

3. Hydromet Design

4. National and International Co-operation and Public Awareness.


Main Activities taken up by Hydromet department are as follows:


1. Real Time Monitoring of Rainfall and preparation of rainfall summary

2. Meteorological support for flood warning and flood control operations to field units of

    Central Water Commission (CWC) through its Flood Meteorological Offices (FMOs).

3. Hydro-meteorological analysis of different river catchments for project authorities.

4. Compilation of rainfall statistics


The main units of Hydromet department are as follows:


1. Rainfall Monitoring Unit

2. Design Storm Unit

3. Storm Analysis Unit

4. Flood Met. Unit

5. International Hydrological Programme


In addition to these activities Division is implementing Hydromet component of World Bank assisted Hydrology Project to improve Hydrological Information System in 13 participating states.


Also, Division is maintaining Central Hydromet Observatory (CHO) for the purpose of creating awareness amongst school children in the field of Hydro-meteorology.